“Listen Scot, you are my secret weapon this year. For once in my life your overly good looks are going to pay off for me. I am going to strategically place you in the front row in her direct line of sight. Hence you stun her into an almost catatonic state while I swoop in for the kill!"

"That's your plan Taylor? Well although I think I am offended, I'm only going along so I can once again clean up the mess Ms. Collins will leave once, she's trounced you. Also, to get a look at this Sophia Collins."

When he turned his gaze to Sophia, he thought his heart stopped. Once more she was staring directly into his eyes. He appeared to have acquired tunnel vision and all sound had been sucked out of the concert hall. He felt as though he had been pinned to his seat by her beautiful gaze. She had shoulder-length hair that accentuated her perfectly heart shape face. Her skin was a perfect shade of Carmel he had ever seen. Those lips! He could see his entire future in those lips.

A school debate changes the lives of Sophia Collins and Scottland James for the better. The begin a love journey that some will agree with, and others will try and put an end to. Through it all Sophia and Scottland hold on to each other and recall it all as, 'A Special Time"

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