Taking a step back, “Why are we here?”

She spaces her words in the tempo of a slow clap. I hate that shit. I ain’t dumb or deaf.

“For you to cool the fuck down. Then for you to learn, maybe train,” I snap.

“Okay, a few days…a few weeks, or-”

“For as long as it takes,” I add.

Ah, there’s the Monàe I know. Look at her. Eyes narrowing, head at a tilt, giving me that, ‘I know you just didn’t say’- pissy ass stare. I glance quickly around because I know for what’s coming, I’m going to need room.

“A prison. All that preaching and promising about this happening, and now you want to lock me up!”
Alright freeze the frame. I know what you’re thinking,... That’s messed up. How could Keagan do that to her?!

Yeah, make me out to be the bad guy. It didn’t take long for me to start suffering from making a bad call. Then just when I thought things could not get worse, here Monàe comes back, surprising me and finding Mariposa under our roof, and in the same room with me.

I know I’m not perfect, but I swear I ain’t never done so much dirty to warrant the way life is kicking me in the balls. Add to the mix Tashia’s scheming constantly causing shit to come my way. Now, thanks to her, an old friend is dragging me, Sloan, and Monàe into another case. I wanna tell Agent LeRoy get lost, but…

I glance at the file dangling in LeRoy's hand. Without asking, he flips it open to begin placing the crime scene photos out in a neat row. It takes a moment for me to look up, locking gazes with LeRoy.

"Why waste my time showing me crap I've..." I slow my rant as I read the time date stamp on the photos. "How-"

"How can we be looking back into the past when you and I pumped the deranged fucker with led? This isn't dejavu...and I can prove it. Listen, I don't care...you don't have to tell me shit or break it all down. All I know is I need help. I had to call in favors just to find you, but me and...certain people that will remain un-named know we need you. Are you going to help me?"

“Did you review the file?” I ask Sloan.

“No,” he replies.

“Come on,” I signal for him to come closer, “the Piranha is back.”

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