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David Pharaoh went through so much to prove himself, yet it wasn't enough. To claim Robyn White as his own, he takes the plunge to cleanse himself after trying to find Robyn within a different realm, only to find, she wasn't there. Now, he's stuck to perform twelve labors.

Things go array when Robyn becomes frustrated after two years of no Pharaoh. Losing hope that he'll return, her only option to locate her love is to sit on his throne to take all of the dark magic that he once possessed. Just because her father, England, was able to maintain that much energy from both sides, it doesn't mean that she will be able to. Even still, she manages to pull him back to her side.

Now that she’s older, Pharaoh wants a lot more than the heated invasion into Robyn’s dreams to waken her desires. He wants flesh to flesh. He wants to teach her the true meaning of passion. To do so, Pharaoh is forced to make a drastic decision after being declared a white witch just to earn Robyn's love and trust. He can either reclaim the magic to keep Robyn from destroying herself and humanity? Or he can remain pure and pray for the best?

Can Pharaoh and Robyn live up to the old saying of opposites attract? In the explosive and jaw-dropping finale, lingering question will finally be answered along with a few surprises that will leave you breathless.

What Pharaoh Wants 2

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
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