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"One more month and Robyn is officially mine. Hopefully he was the last one that she tried to sleep with. If not..." He slid into his car and gripped the steering wheel. "I feel bad for the next jig and her too. I'm done with the games. I want my wife and the power that comes with her."


David Pharaoh was a vicious man. A truce between his father and another gentleman included a promise of young Robyn. After mastering the art of Dark Magic, Pharaoh decides that it's time to take his prize. However, when Robyn rejects him, he stops at nothing to make any man who comes close to her suffer for even so much as looking, and to prove to Robyn that she only belongs him.
He would make her temperature rise with his invisible touch, or when he disturbed her dreams.


Robyn’s loins ached as if he had truly invaded her in the wee hours of the morning. He would make sure to save the painful part of the first stroke, and only made her feel what his slow and meaningful penetration was like. It would always make Robyn wallow in passion and squeeze at her erect nipples before she would realize that she was being manipulated. Pharaoh was becoming much better at forcing himself inside of her dreams and make love to her before he would dissipate into nothing.


Robyn, held in the clutch of something that she hadn't known she was involved in, is determined to get away and stay away from Pharaoh and his mischief. But at what cost? Anything can happen in the city of New Orleans when the son of Voodoo wants the princess of White Magic.


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