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All her life Nana Valencia has been told what she can and can't do because of her early life struggles as a child in the hospital. Now she's healthy as ever, and a rookie with the NYPD. She couldn't be happier until an infuriating, massive Russian keeps showing up wherever she is calling her a 'tiny thing.' Nana has no clue who she has been encountering at first. When his identity dawns on her, she decides to use him to get the information her department desperately needs on the Bravta.

Ilya Volstov has no problem with death. His job protecting the Bravta's youngest boss, Nikolai Prakenski, brings him into close contact with it every day. Even before he came to America, his life in Russia was darkness, pain and survival. Now in the land of the free, he's living day to day until Nana comes in and shakes up his life.

Can these two separate work and love? Or will their games catch up to them with a fiery end?


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