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New Friends...
Ivy Taylor has barely been out of the Agency for three years, when her relative signs her up for a job interview with Ralph&Lauren Co. Sadly, it's not all as simple as it seems when a old friend demands she dig up some private documents relating to an experiment that even government would prefer to remain hidden.
The only issue she has is when an accident at her job catches the attention of the two most notorious men in the company, Anthony and Nikolai Lucas.

Old friends...
Cassandra has found her happily ever after, with the passionate and demanding men she love. She couldn't ask for more, especially when they welcome their baby, Katlyn, into the world.
Still not everything isn't roses, with a unseen threat digging into the past. Cassandra will find herself loosing time, and memory as another presence comes to play. The only way she'll be able to fight it, is to delve into the past that she so desperately wishes to hide, especially when a women named Ivy shows up, bringing with her the memories left hidden.

Three Kings and Their Ivy

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$7.50Sale Price
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