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Baton Rouge is a place that is known for its rich history, but it’s also known for its spirits. From the moment Tyler and her step-father, Noah, moved into the large abandoned house that was once a plantation, she knew that they weren’t alone. The sounds of footsteps in an empty hall, laughter when there was no one there, and the dark shadow that would appear made her a believer. Are they the trapped spirits of the slaves that once worked the land, or is it a demon with a deeper, more sinister purpose that had been waiting patiently for Tyler to seek its revenge for sins done long ago?

The more she tries to convince Noah that there’s something going on, the more he demands for her to mind her own business. The closer Tyler gets, the mysteries of not only the past, but also of the present surrounding the death of her mother begin to unravel. Tyler comes face to face with the glaring truth of two things; no one is what they seem to be, and that in the HOUSE OF GRAY, there is no death us part.


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