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Lyla Mungan has faced many challenges in her life. Yet, nothing can compare to finding herself in an entirely different time period thanks to a wily experiment gone wrong. Along with her sister, she finds herself under the reluctant care of Laird MacIver, whose silent penetrating gaze causes emotions to rise that she had thought long buried after her divorce from her husband.

Gavin MacIver had no intention of letting his heart get captured by anyone. Let alone some odd lass, who can't keep her story straight on how and why she was found on Aberdeen land. Yet, her calming spirit and lovely eyes draw him like a moth to a flame. Still, he won't allow the weakness of his heart to bring harm to his clan like his father did.

Two people cast together by time and accident.
A darkness that neither expected shall come to test the love the two wish to ignore. Will they give into the passion that's boiling under the surface? Or will they allow the betrayals of the past to keep their hearts from singing the Highland's Song?

Highland's Song

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$7.50Sale Price
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