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“I’ve played nice with these jackasses, but that shit is over. No one was even worrying about them. My father had done his best to be fair by sharing the power that was rightfully his and mine, as his son. I even made it so that they thrived by giving them the cure to heal their women’s wombs to increase their kingdoms, but the ungrateful fuckers are going to choke to death on my cock,” thundered Grayson. 

“This declaration is in the traditional manner with the standard time frame?” Danjal questioned. 

“Yes, in 30 days this will be over. There will be no more talking. There will be war,” promised Grayson. 

The KINGS are going into battle. When the dust settles, betrayals will be repaid in full, truths will finally be spoken, wounds will be forced to heal, everyone will be tested, and push to their limits as the old is tore down and a new VAMPIRE NATION is rebuilt. 

The question still lingering is will everyone survive the bloody war? Who will still be standing when there are no more secrets because the veil is stripped away? Things are going to turn ruthless and RELENTLESS in this FINAL installment!

Relentless 4; The Final Kingdom Come

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
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