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“Come here Bella. Now, everything off,” he commanded. 

I really don't know how I got here. I was now a kept woman, the secret affair, the one thing I had told myself I would never be. How could I ever leave when just one look from Stavaros made me weak in the knees?

Italian billionaire Stavaros Caponie was ruthless and fearless when it came to business. He only had one weakness; his caramel, chocolate beauty, Kayla Drummond. He could never let her know how much power she had over him, not to mention, he had an image to uphold. He would only be seen with tall, blonde, picture perfect women in public to please his father. His private life well, that was his private life, and no one else's business. However, what will Rossi do to keep his Bella when she’s determined to no longer remain in the shadows and steps into the light?

Private Love

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