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"The goddess Freya blessed me with a vision. I stood upon the hill and watched a Rome burned..."

All her life, Alina was told that just because she was a female, she could not ever become a true warrior. The eldest child of Kaiser and Ayanna, refused to believe that. Deeply in love with her childhood friend Eryx, the young woman would like nothing more, than to retire with him, and have his children. Her parents even built a city for their protection. Though they are not in Roman territory anymore, they know their families are not safe unless the empire promises to eternally leave them alone.
But they know Rome would never accept it.

When the goddess Freya shows Alina a vision of the future, she must make a choice: eternal love or eternal peace?
The time for negations is over. Now is the time for anger. 
Now is the time for hate. 
Blood will be spilled and fire shall rain from the sky, as the weak shall fall, and out of the ashes, a new dynasty, a new empire, shall rise.

They have sent their message to Rome, a message that will make the blood of all who try to oppose them turn icy with fear.


Passion and Sand 3; Empire of Desire

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