"Man, you need to let that go. I’m telling you… you won’t be able to pull yourself back from that one…trust me.”

Jakobe tilted his head. He became real serious.

“Are you speaking from experience?”

“No! I know my limits,” replied Major.

Every step he took to reach Nakida across the room, his friend’s warning seemed to repeat in Jakobe's mind about him just leaving her alone. He had to admit, this woman was more woman than any he had fucked around with before. She might not have the same number of zeros in her checking account as he did, but the way she handled herself with him would make a person think otherwise. She had a strength about her that said she was near unbreakable. Even still, he knew there was a variability about her that she chose to hide. There was a sadness, a longing that she hid behind her cold smile. Her intelligence was almost blinding to behold. 

Jakobe pushed down the voice that rose its ugly head to tell him that he was out of his depth. The voice said that she wasn’t going to take his shit. The voice that said that this woman would be able to see with her sharp eyes, the man underneath the riches. It said that she might be the one to actually touch his heart.

No One Can Love You Like I Can

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