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"I know that you want me, Sophia." Noah uttered. 
His deep blue eyes searched my face for any signs of disapproval. I bit my lip nervously, as shivers ran down my spine from his hot breath. His lips so close, if I were to move even the slightest, they would be upon mine.

Of Course I wanted him. I had wanted him from the beginning.

"It's crazy, but I want you too. And somehow, regardless of our situation, this feels right," he spoke soft and delicate, almost as if to a child. "Just tell me I'm wrong and I'll never bother you again."

I stayed silent. If I tell him no, I'd be lying. 

Inching closer, Noah cleared the distance between us. His lips pressed against mine, melting away reality. Our breath mingling, his hands warm against my bare thigh, trailing upward. For once I forget, I'm the other Woman, and he's off limits. I forget that in a few months from now, he will be walking down the aisle with someone else. I forget that he is My Sister’s Fiancé.

For twenty-four-year-old Sophia Kacey love is the last thing on her mind. That was until the handsome mystery man appeared on her door step. There’s more to Noah than what her sister and Noah is willing to admit. Maybe it’s the desire to find out the truth about him that tempted her in the first place to across the line to enjoy all the sensual pleasures that Noah offered. Now, Sophia is left to make some very dangerous choices that could affect all of them. Will she be able to save herself? Or will she be drawn into his embrace once more?

My Sister's Fiance

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