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“You hurt me Teshera but all in all, I need you to understand this. I am aware of our differences. We can't do nothing about them. I love you and you love me. So, I only tell you this with hard love. You will not run again from the shit in your life. Your mother ran, and for it, your entire family was killed. You survived for a reason. I don’t want to reprimand you since you’re a grown fuckin’ woman, but you need to realize this. I’m Alpha. I deal with this type of behavior on a daily basis with my pack members. I will not tolerate it out of my own mate!” Growled Solomon.

No more secrets when the truths are revealed and enemies finally show themselves. Solomon is going to need Tia by his side to stop the impending doom. But will his mate be up to the challenge when she's determined to defy him at every turn while she's still trying to accept what she is? Hopefully, Tia will come to grips before she loses Solomon, or worse, lives are lost.

My Personal Mate

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$7.50Sale Price
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