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His wolf was always alert but this time, he was on high alert. Instantly, a smile formed on his full, sensual lips. Solomon tilted his head to the side. It was her. He leaned forward in the leather seat as he counted the steps that brought her to the closed conference door. The second the door flew open his eyes were on her. His eyes traveled leisurely over her thick, shapely Godiva chocolate colored body. The tight pencil skirt she had chosen to impress on her interview cling in all the right places to bring attention to her thighs and hips. His mouth watered. He hid his desire behind hood lashes as he turned away from Tia.

Solomon Dynasty had waited for so long to finally get Teshera Alexander at arm’s reach. Even though this sassy Vampire was opened to the idea of all this handsome, powerful Alpha Werewolf was offering, all desire whined when he mentioned the word, Mate. Against the idea, the cat and mouse game began. With each touch, Solomon melted her… bending her to his well. At last, this Alpha had his mate. What should have been a time of love and lust became one of death and blood spilled when Tai was pushed to the point of no return. He realized then that it wasn’t fate that had brought them together, but a powerful force was at work…


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