Seven thought that she was invisible, yet Regal LeGrand showed her that she was more than seen. She was a mate. After a back and forth relationship filled with secrets, Seven finally got to see Regal for the savage that he was. However, with her coming into her own as a woman, Regal can still smell her pheromones from miles away. Marking her as his wife, he's now more determined than ever to get her. One problem. Her childhood friend Cory is front and center, fulfilling Regal's duties as Seven's protector.

Cory might be intelligent and handsome, but he's more than what meets the eye. He might not be a Lycan but he has a hunger for Seven's hymen. To claim what no man has ever claimed is what his mouth waters for. With Regal being alive and well, Cory needs to do more than watch his back. The Lycan clan knows who he is, what he is, and is not afraid to send him warnings from the shadows of his demise if he doesn't steer clear of Regal's wife.

Regal and Seven not only face the question of their love now, but possible death when someone tips off a group of Lycan hunters who hunt trophies for pure sport. New faces are added to this drama to test Seven and Regal, along with an unspoken of prophecy that states clearly that Regal must sacrifice himself for his kind. But is Seven willing to let Regal go that easily? 
Can Cory somehow win Seven over to distract her from Regal and his advances? There is a snake in the bush that is willing to hand Regal over to the hunters without batting a lash. The bigger question is, can Seven handle not only loving but saving her predator?

Loving the Predator 2; Regal's Rebirth

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