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Regal LeGrand might be a stacked young man with rippling abs, a delicious looking happy trail, and gorgeous honey colored eyes that would make most young women swoon at the sight of them, but Regal is not your typical youngster. Though he has riches, with plenty of charm, there is a mean flip side to him. When the rage engulfs him, or there’s a full moon, Regal shows his true self. Only one woman crosses paths with him that is not afraid of his infamous snarl. Unfortunately for her, he catches a whiff of her pheromones and she won’t be able to escape his claws.

Seven Brown considers herself invisible. It’s not that she prefers it, but she’s forced to live life as such. Residing in a broken home, it’s not easy for her to accept love and attention. Especially when it’s unexpectedly given by the one the town’s people refer to as the Savage— Regal. Something seems to spark between the two, whether it’s Regal latching on to Seven’s scent, or her not being able to shake Regal’s convincing grin Whatever it is, it causes Regal to stalk her, but not as his prey. After all, it is mating season, and Regal can smell the virgin that is Seven from a mile away.

Would she be able to handle it among his other flaws? Can she give in to the irresistible charm and the riches? However, Seven has her own secrets when coping with the pain. Would she look any different to Regal if he found out? Is she simply the perfect mate, or someone that Regal could live the rest of his immortal years with?

Loving The Predator

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$7.50Sale Price
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