Malaika Robinson has never been given anything in life. From the tragedy of losing her parents to having to care for her younger sibling on her own, her past has been full of pain and suffering. Yet she worked hard and has become part of the best medical program in the United States. Now with her life on track, she doesn’t have the time for love or romance. It’s taken every ounce of her energy to resist giving in to the handsome Italian, Giovannia, until he makes her an offer, she can’t refuse.

No, was never a word that Giovanni Rinaldi grow up hearing. From being the star child of his family, to becoming a self-made millionaire, to the Head of the Board of Directors of Queen Anne's Mercy Hospital, the world was at his fingertips. That is until he was commanded to marry to start producing hires. Not wanting to be tied down, but willing to have children, there was only one option to take, and he knew whom he wanted to be birth his child with; Malaika. Giovanni had been wanting her from moment he saw her, and his willing to do whatever it takes, even to the point of blackmail to get her. The question is, will he be able to let her go after his fantasies become a reality, and what started as a contract turns into love?


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