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Doctor Amanda Lacey has spent most of her life being the perfect daughter because of an unshakable need to prove her parents made the right choice by adopting her. Amanda hasn't always lived the life she lives now, there was a time she went hungry for days and was afraid to close her eyes. But that was years ago and now she's the daughter of a Judge and Yale Professor and a talented doctor in her own right. She has no room in her life for anyone or anything that her parents will disapprove of.

Nikolai Prakenski lives life fast and loose. He enjoys running his strip club and entertaining ladies. His ready smile and model good looks hide his dangerous side. What most don't know is he is the underboss, the second in command of the Russian mob. Nikolai knows that Amanda is out of his league especially by the looks of disdain she shoots him. But when her and a group of colleagues come into his club one night all bets are off.


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