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Adonis smiled in satisfaction. He zipped his pants. He walked over to the door. He opened it and turned toward Luther.

"Her," he pointed toward Adora, before leaving.

Adonis was a man of certain tastes that his billions allowed him to indulge in. When the time for him to choose a new girl to train to fulfill his every desire without question, he sought out Luther. As the two candidates were lead into the private room, his eyes were drawn to the brown skinned beauty that keep her eyes anywhere but on him. What he thought was going to be another sex slave quickly proved to be so much more. Why did the look of defiance that he saw shine in the depths of her eyes before she hid it from him excite him so? The more he warned himself not to change from the order of his well-oiled life, the more he found himself longing to find out this woman’s secrets.

Secrets was an understatement when describing Adora. After leaving her situation of abuse, the young girl living on the streets was easy prey for man like Luther. Seeing a profitable addition to his den of sin, he had no intentions of giving Adnois his top money maker. However, after the power man made his desires clear, he had no choice but to concede. Now, moving from under the foot of Luther, Adora has a chance to negotiate her freedom.
With one spoken word from Adnios’ sensual lips, Adora’s hellish world took a turn. The question is…is it for good, or has she traded one prison for one that will take everything from her, including her heart?

Sex Slave, Owning Her

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
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