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What you should know of this world...
1. Love is never true
2. Family will betray you
3. Enemies may one day become friends

Bird Loosed...
With her memories regained, Bird knows only one thing...hate. She desires nothing more than to harm all those near her, and the only one she holds the power to hurt is Talon. Using her feeling of betrayal, she forces him from her side and returns her focus moving forward. Only to still face the lost of her freedom, when her father forces her to choose a suitor among the visiting nobility. Bird must choose if she would much rather live a life of contentment, or if she would a life of happiness. Both will come at a price. Her heart, His crown...

Talon has fallen into a well of darkness, and said darkness would surely kill him. But his one desire to see Bird once more maybe the only thing that keeps him from loosing himself in the bitter ice that would see him drowned. Luckily, a the bond that connects the two may be his salvation no matter how Bird would wish it did not connect them.

A choice must be made...
Two powerful beings connected by a bond, must decided what price hey are willing to pay to find happiness, and gain the sought after happily ever, though in their world everything has a price, and sometimes not all is worth it's pound in flesh.

Crimson Bird 3

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$7.50Sale Price
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