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What you should know of this world…
1. Love isn’t happily ever after.
2. Kindness is weakness.
3. A masters will cannot be undone.

A Damphir knows no freedom…
Bird awakens to the reality that she now has a mother, father and a kingdom to contend with. Named Kahlia of Katari, she now dawned the headdress of a princess. Her memories of the dreary and dark country she left hidden behind is shourded in a thick mist. For a time, she doesn’t mind the memory loss. She's eager to restart her life in this new place.
That's until her run in with the mysterious visiting prince from her old world. His ruby gaze holds a dark longing that calls to her, though she knows well enough the dangers of a vampire's gaze.

A Prince’s collar doesn’t loosen easily…
For three months, Prince Talon has wallowed in his guilt, but like everything, his days of moping must come to an end. When his father, King Malic, demands he retakes his proper place and re-earn the trust of parliament, he has no choice but to follow suit. Especially if he doesn’t wish to lose anything else in his fight for the throne.

Two cursed to always meet…
When Talon see’s the woman from his past greet the King whose approval he requires to renew his fight for the throne, he’s cast into the fires of his desire and guilt, and the question remains...Which will rule? After all…Love is only for those who can afford it.

Crimson Bird 2

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