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Three things you should know of this dark world of nobles...
One: A Vampires word is law
Two: Their food, the third sex are known as Damphirs
Three: Love is for those who can afford to buy it.

And Bird wishes to be free of all three.
Bird, a Damphir bought once she completed training, lives her life with the Wellings Noble family never completely accepted, and never fully rejected. Living a half existence, thinking that every Damphir is living the same existence as she. She endures, and takes each day one by one.

A game of cards at a midnight ball changes everything...
Finding herself the prize at a card game, Bird is dragged into a world far more decadent world then she ever thought possible. Desired for her looks, she will be offered a chance of freedom, for a small price...she must seduce the First Prince and dash his heart against the cold stones of the palace.

A game of Hearts...
First Prince, Talon Ellison does not desire the crown, but he going to do his duty of securing the throne from his conniving brothers. Yet, a Damphir gifted to him by his devious brother, causes him to begin doubting his desire to fulfill his duty, and live up to the expectations of his father. Talon is determined to torture Bird, to make her break, but with each taste, with each touch, Talon finds himself losing this dangerous game.

Crimson Bird

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$7.50Sale Price
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