“I’m sorry?” Kira asked, she was glad that she was too dark skinned to be seen blushing.

He smirked as if to acknowledge that he knew what she was doing,
“I was saying my name is Xavier and you must be Kira?”

Kira almost groaned out loud, the sound of his voice made her whole body tingle.

Xavier would cross oceans to fight for her. When his father had called him in to protect her from those that wanted her dead, he had done so in a heartbeat. What he didn’t expect to see was the damaged woman before him. He couldn’t help but wonder of the horrors she endured that had changed her from the person he had seen years ago. He saw the beast within Kira’s beauty and he wanted to save her. The fact that he had to marry her to do so was not problem for him. Even after her secrets were revealed and he found out who she was, Xavier only wanted more.

In Kira’s darkness, he was her light. With his touch, his eyes, his lips, Xavier was determined to thaw her cold heart and heal the wounds that scared her very soul. He would happily put a bullet in those that were insane enough to try to take her from him.


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