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Zuleikha Barakat has never taken life lying down. After a car crash killed her parents when she was 13, she and younger siblings moved in with their grandparents. However, this young musical protégée has always wanted more. While capitalizing on an opportunity of a lifetime with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm, she unknowingly befriends Helga, Princess of Sweden. Now, swept up into the Royal Family, Zuleikha is introduced to Helga’s brother Henrik; Crown Prince of Sweden.

Henrik is handsome, powerful, rich, and has never had a shortage of woman drooling over him. The fact that Zuleikha wasn’t dropping her panties for him pissed him off. Less than 6 months is what he bet his friends is all it would take to add her to the long list of women that had fallen for his sensual charms. However, Henrik will come to understand that being with Zuleikha is not your average Royal Affair.

A Royal Affair; Craved by a King

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
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