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"I cannot change who I am... but your love is the ONLY thing that can save me." 

Sébastien: I am death. Summoned from that bottomless pit, I host a beast that is another part of me. A part of me that I keep hidden. I fought for years to not give into the intoxicating allure of the animal lingering under the surface. Until she appeared. I feel her inner being calling me to give into the sweet, sweet desires of abandonment to relish in not just the taste of flesh, but her soft tempting curves as well. 

Shelly: I want this pain to be over and he's the only one that can make it happen. The stage has been set, and we the players of this never-ending production, know the parts we are meant to play. Yet, the inner part of me beckons him to come closer. Time and time again he fails to hear it but will the outcome be different this time? Will he give into his desires to partake of my flesh or will he chose my heart?

La Bête de Soleuvre: The Beast of Soleuvre

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$7.50Sale Price
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