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Crown princess Urianna has one goal in life… to be free. She would do anything and everything to live free like her mother, Jesse’s people. Only problem is, a chance at freedom might be the very thing that binds her.
An alliance that has turned to her father into a trader of healthy females for a dying race will bring Urianna into a completely different world to attend school as a spy, which is an adventure she eagerly agreed to do.

However, much to her frustration, she catches the eye of the ruthless Ivan Keehan, the crown prince of the ruling family. Now caught in his steamy, lustful gaze, it will take all her cunning and bravery to escape it. If she fails to, there might be more at stake than the safety of her people. In this war of lies and high tech warfare, Urianna could even find her Heart Taken.

A Heart Taken

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
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