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With AHP's 7 Years of publishing success, we have a lot of epic romance novels. From the oldies to recent releases, this list will keep you busy. 
Have you read them all? 

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When Milyon's boyfriend gets arrested, it's a blessing she's been praying for. Free from his abuse, possessiveness, and jealousy, she puts her plans of freedom into action. Saling all the jewelry, cars, and purses, Milyon is on the fast track to creating the empire of her dreams.

Puc isn't shocked when he catches wind of the boss moves Milyon is making. He always knew she was too much brains and a woman for her old man. Now, he has a chance to take what he's been secretly lusting after for years.
Puc may be able to fool the cops and the IRS into thinking he isn't the invisible hand running shit, but he doubts he'll be able to play Milyon for a fool. She doesn't want more of the life she left, and Puc can't blame her. The ways of a kingpin ain't for the faint at heart.

However, when Puc maneuvers his way into Milyon's path, can she resist when a real king comes knocking?

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Sometimes the past has a way of finding you. That’s what Pix Wilkes, a fox shifter and receptionist at Sultry Ink Tattoo Shop, has found herself reliving. All was right in her world or so she thought. She has her friends who were more like family to her, an awesome job, and the love of her life, Deadwood.

Now, everything is put on the line when she gets a mysterious phone call that threatens her happiness. She tries to come up with a way to handle the situation on her own, while still having to deal with Rocket’s eagle heads and a joyous occasion for Blu and Jax.

Will Deadwood still want to be with her after he finds out about her secretive past? Or will he love her, then leave her?

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Years as the Chief Travel Columnist at a male-dominated corporation have taught Agape Baxter a lot. Such as sex doesn't equal love, business owners will pay millions for a good review, and having a heart in this business is a recipe for disaster. Cynical, bitch, and cold-hearted are all titles Agape embraces. As long as your check clears, she's just fine.

Leon Waters is hemorrhaging cash. A self-made millionaire, picking up his discredited friend's resorts, was done as a favor, only to find out he had been conned into a bad deal. He needs a win, and the word in the boardroom is the winning ticket goes by the name Agape St. Cloud. Hosting the most sought-after travel columnist for a week should be easy. However, Leon's heart stops, and a chill enters the room on the heels of the woman he remembers from college. The sweet girl he cheated on, dumped, and later screwed her roommate.

From the wicked grin on Agape's lips, he knows the check in his coat pocket doesn't have enough zeros to help him turn things around. Leon also knows from the way his heart is racing, and his dick is hardening, this is a second chance he isn't going to fuck up.

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Rosalinda as been running all her life; from an abusive father to running herself crazy trying to take care of her two younger sisters. With the delivery of one letter that held the answer to, What Next?; Rose saw the light at the end of the tunnel. That was until Draken stepped in front of her.

His devilishly handsome good looks commanded her attention. His kindness awoken something that she had thought was dead, but Rosa will realize that she should have kept on running!
MAFIA and NEW LOVE can make for one Drama-Filled, Dangerous, and Steamy mix!

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