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With AHP's 6 Years of publishing success, we have a lot of epic romance novels. From the oldies to recent releases, this list will keep you busy. 
Have you read the all? 

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Two people who despise one another…

Jennifer Rhodes is a smart and persistent woman. Nothing could ever get in her way. Well, that was before a contract was placed in front of her. When disaster strikes at her new workplace, she gets the chance of a lifetime… Become engaged to the town’s hottest playboy billionaire Mark Cross.
Slight problem, though. That’s the same Mark who wanted her fired on her very first day. He’s also the man with the biggest of egos and the smallest of hearts.

One contract…

The deal is simple. Get engaged, save the company’s reputation and, in return, get a buttload of money.
Oh, and make sure NOT to fall in love with your fake fiancée.
Simple enough, right?

And one damn engagement....

You know, engagements should be a happy thing. It should be something to celebrate. But not this one.
Fights, arguments and sabotage; these are the cornerstones of their relationship.

Can they work together through their hatred and put their rivalry aside for the sake of the company? Or will it all come crashing down?


Trent rolled his eyes, “You’re coming with me.”
“And what if I say no?” Callie challenged.
He chuckled darkly, “Do you really want to say no to me?”

Dangerous. That was what everyone called Trent Mason. His dark lifestyle shadowed anyone who got too close. He was the most notorious man in the state. He was the son of a legend. He was a drug dealer, fighter, and a killer. Everyone made sure to stay away from him. Everyone except for Callie. She fell into his arms and he stormed into her life. Trent was no good for anyone, but he was perfect for Callie.

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Kenya thought that she had found the one when she started dating David. Two years later, that would be proven wrong when she finds him in bed with another woman. Hurt, she decides to swear off all men. It didn't matter that Robert James caused an ache between Kenya’s legs like she has never known. She tries her hardest to ignore him, because not only has she sworn off men, but Robert is white..

Robert was single and that’s the way he liked it. At least, he thought so until he laid eyes on Kenya. The moment he saw her, the rod between his legs became hard as steel. He knew the only way to get relief was to crawl between Kenya’s thighs and give them what they both wanted. However, Kenya was playing hard to get. Her body said; Yes... but, her mouth said he wasn’t here type. Little does she know he’s not giving up until he changes her mind, and tastes all she has to offer.

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It took many years for 35-year-old Trish to finally admit that her marriage was dead and the man she had married was one big ass. Now, determined to restart her life, she relocates back to Atlanta. While there, she began making money buying and selling real estate...and then came Brayden.

Trish was shocked to find the awkward boy she recalled from her youth had grown into the handsome, rich man with the Barry White voice. His eyes spoke a promise of fulfilling her every sexual desire but there was one problem. He was white, which was new to her. And, even if she decided to try something new, what she doesn't know is that Brayden has a secret that he doesn't want her to find out about.

From the day Trish walked into the gym with her three children, Brayden had set his sights on making her his. All he had to do was wait for the right opportunity to put his plan into motion. With every meeting, every date, every touch, he found himself wanting Trish more and more, although she resisted. Will he be able to hold on to her and the love he's found after she finds out the truth about him? Will she walk away? Or will she love Brayden against all odds?'

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