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“Okay,” I mumble as I sit the boxes aside. “What do you want, Cooper? Pussy?” I ask, shocking him.

I watch as he babbles a bit before gaining control.


“Well, um…if you willing to give me-“

“I didn’t say I’m giving you shit. I just wanna know what the hell you’re working up to?”


“All I am working on is beating you.”


I scoff loudly. “Well, you’ll be working overtime to get no pay because I’m taking home the win, again,” I stress. “What’s it gonna be?” I pause for effect, “Third year in the row?” I tease, rubbing salt in the wound.


“You haven’t crossed the finish line yet,” he smirks.


“I would be getting closer if you would stay out of my face so I can work,” I finish with a nice-nasty smile.


“So, that offer of pussy, nevermind,” he says as he takes note of my hard gaze.


Bitter rivals since high school, Cooper and Felisa have been going head to head in business, and the annual Christmas Festival for years. It never fails for things to get out of hand whenever the two are in close quarters. Things only get worse when to save their sinking companies, a business merger is proposed. Being in each other’s face on a daily only serves to increase the opportunities for comical moments, fights that get the town talking and taking bets, and strokes the flames of a sizzling romance that’s been years in the making.

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“We were friends in college,” Kailani responded.

Truth be told, they’d been so much more than friends.

His eyes widened, “Kailani?”

“Wade, hey, how are you?” She greeted him awkwardly.

He was supposed to be living on the East Coast, starting his legal career, and making a name for himself.

“I’m good. How are you?”

“I’m great.”

Her voice rose in volume ever so slightly as she shifted her bodyweight awkwardly.

“You two know each other?” The woman with him questioned.

For four years, Kailani believed that she would never see Wade Hohler again. Their relationship ended when they went their separate ways after college. but her feelings for him never really went away. Now Wade is back and he knows her secret.

Maybe they’ll get another chance to be together, or maybe the odds are still stacked against them.



Alisha Meyer is a sharp, talented and beautiful paralegal that adores her boss Hirshel Benowitz. Her dreams take her to exotic places where she envisions the two of them. If only she could tell him how she feels. Every time she looked into those bright blue eyes, her words failed her.

Hirshel has been secretly watching and wanting Alisha. His mouth waters every time he see her dark chocolate brown pass by. Would she ever be able to accept his secret?

Alisha receives a strange invitation to an event guaranteed to change her life. Uncertain if she should accept or not she turns to Hirshel for advice. The fact that he scolds her as her dad would is all the convincing she needs. Dying to change her life and break out of her shell she decides to go.

Will this secret invitation really change her life? Will it help her in her quest to get Hirshel?


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