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Juniper (Juni) Rose thought that life was looking up when she met a man online over a year ago. He was charming, handsome, and successful, the perfect catch for any woman. The only problem was they lived in two different states. After a night of hot and steamy video chatting, Juniper decides that it’s time for her to go meet her man in person. They’ve been interacting with one another on the daily ever since they connected, and their one-year anniversary was quickly approaching. What better gift to give him than an in-person surprise visit?

Robert “Bobby” Bush was a successful cattle rancher on the downswing of a bad breakup. He and his fiancé had broken off their engagement two days before the ceremony when he found out his soon-to-be wife was cheating on him. Instead of sulking, he decided to pull himself up by the bootstraps and go on their honeymoon trip alone. It was just what the doctor ordered on the highway to healing. However, an unforeseeable turn of events will change his life forever.

What happens when an unforeseeable snowstorm, a rental car, and an unforgettable car ride across the country bring two unlikely people together?