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The truth is out! Juni no longer wants a relationship with Jasper, but he refuses to believe it. Bobby and Katherine found out the truth about the affair between Juni and Jasper. That’s when all chaos breaks out, causing fights and arguments among them.


Juni comes clean to Bobby about Jasper being the person who left her stranded. Bobby isn’t pleased about hearing the truth. However, his feelings for Juni haven’t changed, so when she abruptly leaves Dallas and goes back to St. Louis. It causes him to have a strong reaction. Juni felt it was best to leave things the way they were. She didn’t believe Bobby would get over the betrayal of not being honest with him from the beginning. They shared a great weekend together, and it would be best to leave things where they are. Who believes in a fairytale love affair anyway?


Bobby is both devastated and disappointed that the woman who so quickly captured his heart has decided to abandon him. The luck he’s had in the past several months with women has left a bad taste in his mouth. Bobby decides that the best way to deal with his heartache is to do the opposite of what he’s been doing.


Will the downward spiral he’s on lead him to rock bottom? Or will something happen to renew his faith in love?

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