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An Alpha will stop at nothing to retrieve his Mate.

Even if it means being scorched in the wake of his own havoc.

After Edwina is kidnapped by her crazy ex-boyfriend, Cody, Hardy puts pressure on the Rogues' plan to take over Newham. Brimming with tension, he moves to attack the Highcrest pack as soon as possible, but nothing is ever simple. With new foes materializing, the stench of powerful magic in the air, and an unexplainable obsession from Hardy's Mate's ex, retrieving Edwina almost seems impossible. Almost. Through the strength formed from abandonment and leadership, Hardy will push through and overcome any obstacle to claim what is his. Or he'll die trying.

Edwina's longing for her Mate is maddening. Her home is no longer her home. It is the base of the enemies. Plagued with doubt, betrayal, and anger, she decides to use her ex-boyfriend, Cody's, obsession with her to get to the bottom of her mother's disappearance, but at what cost?

When Cody finally crosses a boundary and Hardy is made aware, the roar from the Alpha of the Rogues can be heard for miles before all chaos ensues.

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