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This life, this so called “Gift” of immortality comes with a price... To be haunted by Mattheu; A vile evil creature who's not wanting to accept her refusal to be his eternal mate. After losing countless lovers at his jealous hands, Kidra decides to take no one to her bed. So many years have passed, and nothing has changed. Kidra, even as a renowned concert pianist, wanted and loved by everyone, requested by royal courts and a queen herself in her own village in Africa, can never have any peace or to the body melting touch of a man.

Not wanted to be like her father and loathing the fact that this life was not of her own choosing, keeps her distance from the one person that can help her, the King of The Night, Dracula. That is until she meets Micheal. So strange that something so small as car trouble can change her life. From the moment he crosses her threshold, he awakes a desire for love that has anciently slept within her. It's the spark to ignites the fires of defiance. If she has to, Kidra will claim Micheal as her eternal mate, if he will have her. If he accepts her kiss of immortality, it will force Kidra to become the one thing she has hated to become; Dracula’s daughter with a promise to end Mattheu.






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