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 Contemporary Romance  

Kyle Roberts just wants to drink, a good rump in the sheets and an occasional blunt. She's self destructive and doesn't care, wallowing in her misery with a grin.

Jackson Carter just wanted to show her that there was more to life than drinking it away. The two embark on a tumultuous and rocking affair that leaves Kyle questioning....was it worth spiraling into love?

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Simone Baéz is just trying to make it in LA the best way she can: by using what she has to get what she wants. As a popular prostitute down at Jeremy Dough's motel, she's been making ends meet with no problems. Her life takes a turn when she gets a John that gives no damns about breaking her peace...or her?

Matías Lopez is Mexico's most dangerous cartel leader, leaving men, women and children quivering in his wake. On a trip to L.A to break a deal with his old friend Jeremy, he comes across a woman he has to have...Needs to have.

Not just a taste, but by his side, Simone better learn and learn quick if she's going to survive being escorted into the Mafia.

Adonis was a man of certain tastes that his billions allowed him to indulge in. When the time for him to choose a new girl to train to fulfill his every desire without question, he sought out Luther. As the two candidates were lead into the private room, his eyes were drawn to the brown skinned beauty that keep her eyes anywhere but on him. What he thought was going to be another sex slave quickly proved to be so much more. Why did the look of defiance that he saw shine in the depths of her eyes before she hid it from him excite him so? The more he warned himself not to change from the order of his well-oiled life, the more he found himself longing to find out this woman’s secrets.


Hurt and alone Zara makes it her mission to start anew. When a friend recommends Jasper Hayes - an accredited fitness trainer with an reputation for crafting traffic stopping female bodies, Zara is a bit of a skeptic. That's before she experience Jasper's unconventional methods first hands.

“There’s no better motivation than my tongue on your cunt.” Jasper states matter-of-factly. “And if you impress me, maybe I’ll fill you with my cock.”


 In my line of business there is no weakness and there’s definitely no room for love. At least that’s what I used to think until her little feisty ass came back into my life. She came in like a wrecking ball and bringing all kinds of havoc with her. Now someone has the audacity to think they can take her from me. Fuck no. Her mind, body and soul belong to me. I am the Snatcher of Souls and I will snatch life from anyone who tries get in between me and my queen even if that means burying the man who made me.

"I had told Mateo to keep that rabid female away from me. I should have known from that weak nod he gave me that he was just saying what I wanted to hear to make me shut up. Jesus!! All these years, I hadn't seen her. Even while working for Mateo, I kept my distance. hands are trembling, and I know it ain't all anger that got me sweating. I'm a fool for still wanting this woman. Christine is a nightmare that I have as a recurring dream still to this day. The pain, the scars, the sex. She was my first kiss, my first orgasm, my first love from my youth that I can't shake... but I just don't think my heart can take it or my sanity. No, NEVER again. Yeah, I know I don't sound too convincing."- ELMO.....


A hidden backdrop of age-long deceit, hatred and murder slowly manifests as Jessica finds herself drawn physically and emotionally closer to the man her every instinct—and cold hard fact—tells her she should avoid at all costs.


For years, I’ve wanted, lusted, dreamed of her touch. Never thought to be good enough, sloppy seconds is what I’ve wasted my time on, but the hunger for her, has never dimmed.

I read somewhere that the Wheel of Fate is always turning, giving us opportunities at love, if we’re willing to take it. Now, the question is, am I man enough to step up to take it? Can I actually keep my dick out of the mouth of the next bitch to hold the line? And will Kimie ever fall for a piece of shit like me?


Abbie has only ever wanted to be accepted by her father’s family, especially her cousin Chelsea, the king's only mistress. From the moment they meet, His Majesty can't seem to take his eyes off of Abbie. For the past two years Chelsea has been the girl in his bed, but maybe she’s not the one in his heart. One things for certain, a girl from the house of Remington will be queen. Only the king knows which cousin will sit on his throne.

My lips pursed. “You’re not interested in talking. And I’m not interested in a flimsy hookup.”

“Nothing about me is flimsy.” Xavier chuckled placing a slow kiss on my lips. “Baby we’re a sure thing. You can try to fight it all you want, but we’re going to happen.”

Ariana Klein is a transferred for U.S.E. in search of a fresh start. Xavier DeLuca is the big man on campus that every girl wants a taste of. When the two of them meet, Xavier is confident that he can make Ariana’s his ... for the night at least. Too bad his ex-girlfriend is convinced that she and him are destined to be together......

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"Woman, do you have any idea what I could fuckin do to you? To your body? A man like me, Millie... I could really hurt you."

She didn't even cower at my coarseness. "Then do it, Rylan," she antagonized, with her Southern accent. "You don't scare me."

"Why, Millie?"

"Because I want it," she whispered. "I just want to know what it feels like."

Millie Rose is the town recluse and resides in the last standing plantation home of old Andersville. Exactly what is it about Rylan that makes Millie want to leave the comfort of her home?




Blu Andora, the owner of Sultry Ink Tattoo Shop, finds herself and her wolf in some very strange predicament’s. Little does she know these events will turn her whole world upside down. From bumping into a weird stranger at a bakery, to finding her True Mate that she doesn’t want… Or does she? Then, throw in having to deal with past family drama. What’s a girl to do? Find out what happens in this funny, sexy, action filled tale to see how it works out for her.

Concubine, Alessandro, is everything she could want in a mate - kind, attentive and in the bedroom, sparks fly. The one thing that stands between them is his status - he's human. Her heart is telling her to give him The Kiss; the sacred sign that she finds him a potential soulmate. However, her memories are hunted of the last time she gave a man that much love.

If Victoria is to hold onto the love she so desperately desires, she must outwit the man who once knew her better than all others, The King… for the games he plays are deadly, and he plays for keeps.


Ivy gripped the sheets on her queen-size bed as Alonzo’s body was pressed against hers; loud moans escaping from her lips as he constantly pleasured her on purpose. He intertwined his fingers with hers, his lips pressed against the side of her neck, planting soft kisses that drove her insane. She never knew that a vampire she just met from the club, would make her feel that good. She didn’t even think a hook up with him would bring so much joy, heartbreak, so many secrets, and dangerous foes. It made for one bittersweet cocktail of being New To The Life.


Marisol Adiboye is a sixth princess betrothed to her kingdom’s most powerful ally. Her fiancé, crown prince Khaldur Olitrey, has occupied her lonely thoughts for years with what feels like the world’s most prolonged engagement. The night of their wedding brings some clarity to their delayed union but raises more questions when the prince of her dreams seems too perfect to believe. Khaldur will have to prove to his new wife that he is her perfect match in every way, and he was worth the wait. With the reveal of his long-guarded secret, far-reaching and unintended consequences bring trials to the couple that they must face together, as Mara is The Lycan’s Princess.


I’ll do everything in my power to punish her but she doesn’t want me to yet I can give her what she craves the most...PAIN.
I’m her MONSTER. She can’t take it or leave it because she’ll never be able to leave me.

Now it’s time to give her something more, but can she survive my kind of warped essence of pleasure born from the twisted bond linking us?

Damned if she does...Damned if she doesn’t.

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