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nov 18

Matías buried his face in her neck, sucking on the soft flesh as his hands grabbed her round breasts. Her body trembled in his hold as she tried to keep her composure. Matías pulled back and eyed her in satisfaction, the fearful look on her face fueling his arousal. He loved when she was scared. It meant she knew how powerful he was. How merciless he was. But Simone had seen nothing yet.

The man before her was more ruthless than your typical street thug. More deadly than a mafioso. And less forgiving than God. Matías had killed children, women, and men during his years as a cartel leader, and if there was one thing he knew, it was that pain and fear could change a person. And he wanted to change Simone… He wanted to make sure his dick was imprinted on her skin. Inside of her.

On her…

He wanted her to know who she belonged to now. It wasn't Jeremy. She was his sole property to do with as he pleased. And he didn't give a rat's ass about how she felt over the matter. When he laid between her legs that first night, Simone was forever trapped.