The feeling of the bed moving stirred me awake. I lifted my head to see Ariana trying to sit up. Her teeth were clenched as she hissed in pain.

My voice lowered, “Do you know who I am?”

Her eyes rolled. “Yeah, you’re the guy who steals my Cheetos when you think I’m sleeping.”

From the moment they met, Ariana and Xavier were drawn to each other. There’s not a lot that can keep them apart, including crazy Bria running Ariana over with her car in attempt to get Xavier back. Now the couple has to deal with Ariana’s recovery, everyday college drama, and their diverting paths for the future all while trying to hold on to what they have. Just when it seems like they’ve faced every challenge, the biggest one of all comes barreling their way. It feels like the world is against them, but nothing feels better than when they are together.