Everyone knew about the rampaging monster that was created by Victor Von Frankenstein, in his hopes to create something free of disease and prove that man was as equal to God in creation. His obsession to create life drove him unbalanced and insane. There has been several Frankensteins that followed and none of them exhibited the genius that he had. The castle was rebuilt, and the villagers were pleased with the proceeding bloodlines that gave no fruit to the insanity.

It was when Frankenstein the IV fell in love with a woman who was a Moor that changed events. Three more generations of males baring the name was to come, until this Victor Von Frankenstein fell in love with a beautiful Black woman, Layla that he met while being a Professor of English at Cambridge, made a difference. They were married and Layla gave birth to a daughter, Victoria Elizabeth Frankenstein I. The genius of her infamous grandfather was found in her. She mastered at everything she put her hands on, spoke several languages before she was in her teens. She was thirteen when she graduated from high school. Yet with all her accomplishments there was nothing that could prepare her for the loss of her mother or the death of her father by his own hands.

Tayo and Tin Tin entered her life when she needed them to. They were her only friends who helped her get through that difficult time in her life. When she did get through it, she found herself living for the first time and loving. Tayo was her whole world. She adored her. There was nothing that Victoria would not give her, and she would not allow Tayo to go without. But when Tayo was cold bloodily murdered and TinTin hurt, Victoria was faced with the one thing she could not accept and that was DEATH.

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