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“I don’t give a fuck. Mama Brigitte can do as she pleases as payment for helping me get my revenge,” admits Ms. Robbins.

“So, you unleashed something that you can’t control,” Monae states.

“If they are dumb to call her name, then fuck’em,” she pauses to lean forward, dropping her voice, “Don’t fuck around, and if it happens to-“

I snatch Monae back to stand behind me.
“The boogeyman, a rooster, or you, if you threaten her, I swear I’ll be the one snatching souls,” I growl.

Ms. Robbin moves back. Silently, her almond-shaped eyes with a hint of a blue glaucoma ring around their dark irises roam me from head to toe. Suddenly, she chuckles as if she’s noticing something for the first time.

“Cracker, get the fuck out of my store,” she hisses.
Bullshit! That’s the only way to describe this case. I won’t point out LeRoy and Monae put me in the middle of another cluster fuck. A strange drug cooked up by a Voodoo Priestess, A soul snatching Spirit, and a Dream World killing teens, sounds like the making of a B-rated horror flick. All I have to say is when I catch wind of Monae being the center of an attack, I don’t care who, what, or how…I’m out for blood.

Then again, I should know that Monae could hold her own. Oh yeah, I’m gonna learn with the rest…My Lady ain’t the one to fuck with.





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