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Ivy has spent her entire life in one place; on the cliffs that overlook an endless ocean. Her history claims she is the last descendant of the O'namia, ancient peoples with rooted connections to the illusive sirens. Or so, her Ma's stories went. Despite her closeness to the sea, Ivy has always feared it. Feared the unknown. The temperamental currents. The creatures. The sirens, most of all.
Content in her isolation, she never expected that circumstances would drive her to the ocean, directly into the waiting arms of her worst nightmare...

Roque has never been one to settle down. His travels have brought him across all of the world's seas, yet a particular beach on a particular coast draws his interest. The woman he discovers floundering in the waves smells like a siren, but the two flailing legs say otherwise.

Now at each other's mercy, can destined mates find middle ground to join land and sea?





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