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Ivy gripped the sheets on her queen-size bed as Alonzo’s body was pressed against hers; loud moans escaping from her lips as he constantly pleasured her on purpose. He intertwined his fingers with hers, his lips pressed against the side of her neck, planting soft kisses that drove her insane. She never knew that a vampire she just met from the club, would make her feel that good. She didn’t even think a hook up with him would bring so much joy, heartbreak, so many secrets, and dangerous foes. It made for one bittersweet cocktail of being New To The Life.

Alonzo knew what he was doing when he didn’t put the black packaged magnum, he had in his pocket the whole time, on. He wanted a child. From the way Ivy's chocolate thighs shook and her body swallowed every drop of his release, he knew they made something special that night.
Years later, his business in the streets is threatening to destroy all he holds dear. He's ready for war, to crush any and all that rise against him, including those in his inner circle.





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