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WELCOME to AHD, our online library! Your place for EXCLUSIVE novels, PRE-releases, and cheaper reads you can access from anywhere around the world. 


Okay, um, so how is this any different from that HUGE ebook supplier I have a monthly membership with? 

We'll clue you in on all the details!

You OWN the book!

Read the fine print that many tend to glaze over. If you do, you'll realize your KU membership allows you to rent  eBooks. However, with AHD, you own every book purchased. So, no fear of them being taken away. 

NOT an app?

With apps, you have glitches, bugs, updates, and don't get us stated on eating up phone space. With AHD you can read on ANY mobile device or laptop, including your Kindle if you so choose. 

If those reasons don't get you excited, how about the fact that you are really helping the authors. We'll let you in on a nasty secret. 

Books in the KU program are paid by pages read. The price paid to authors is LESS than a penny. Actually it's $0.0047 of one cent. You do the math to calculate how many pages an author needs read to earn  $1.00 on that program. 

However, on AHD authors earn 50% royalties! So, Read on...and again, WELCOME!


Any Device* Anywhere

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