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Plus size beauty Ebony Drake has been poor all her life. Instead of wishing for her situation to change, she decides to change it. She moves away from her drug addicted mother to start her life anew. The last thing on her mind is love until she meets the mysterious Rain Tanaka. Ebony doesn’t know what he sees in her, all she knows is that he scares her with the way he makes her feel.

Rain Tanaka has spent his life taking care of his family. He realizes quickly, he had been a fool in thinking everything he needed was found at home. Ebony Drake, is the missing piece. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with her, but there’s just something about the dark skin beauty that pulls him to her. However, just when things begin to heat up between them, he has to walk away.

No matter how much Rain tries, he can't erase Ebony from his sweat filled dreams. Risking it all, Rain will do anything to get the love he left behind back. He should have remembered the code; NO ONE disobeys the Yakuza.

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