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Tired of bedding different women with no strings attached, Doug is ready to settle down. He never forgot the woman who left him, which led him down his womanizing ways. Now he’s ready to start fresh with a woman he planned to spend his life with forever.

Ten years ago, April walked away from her first love with her head held high but with a broken heart. From a betrayal that cut her deep, it was hard letting another man into her heart. Now, she, too, wants to find love and settle down with a man and have a family. It was just one thing; she was scared of getting her heartbroken.

Fate has a way of bringing true lovers back together again. If only they knew how to forgive and forget. Running into each other at a nightclub brought April and Doug back together. Doug had a fight on his hands, and he didn’t plan on losing. He would do everything he could to prove and show April what he did ten years ago was a mistake.

In the end, would April forgive Doug for the betrayal that cut her deep ten years ago? Or will April walk away from her first love all over again?

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