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You will only find the best, natural ingredients in our Handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, and Shower Steamers. Honey, mint, oatmeal, coffee, premium essential oils and more all blend together to create items for your body and home to aide in finding peace of mind, energy for your busy life style, and loving health for your body. 


We know two people are not alike. What's good for you may not be what I need. That's why our products are customizable.

Are you Diabetic or not a fan of Epsom Salt? Then choose the NON Epsom Salt blend which is a mixture of Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, and Mediterranean Sea Salt. 


Are you allergic to certain essential oils, such as Lavender? Let us know. 

Pink and Blue Wedding Pinterest Graphic
Pink and Blue Wedding Pinterest Graphic
Pink and Blue Wedding Pinterest Graphic
Pink and Blue Wedding Pinterest Graphic

Surprise!! I'm so excited to be sharing this labor of love with you all. If you ask anyone about me, they will tell you that I have always been a bit earthy. I love and flock to the natural of things from having a garden of fruits and veggies in the back yard to home remedies for skin, hair care, or to cure the sniffles. Therefore, creating AARU Body wasn't that much of a leap for me. 

A lot of research, trail and error has gone into each product to not only give you a wonder self- care experience but to ensure the right pairing of essential oils and ingredients to produce the intended outcome. 

Trust me when I say, I have had long hours testing each product...or at least that was the excuse I gave my family when I disappeared into the bathroom for a nice soak. So, come to learn what I have. Self care is the BEST care. There's nothing like a good book, candles, a glass of wine, or just peace, quiet, and your thoughts with your AARU Body Products. 



Welcome To Rebirth.

Welcome to AARU