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Street at Night




Ren Tanaka has always been the jokester of his brothers. Always ready for a laugh, never really taking things seriously. Until he and his twin are tasked with rescuing beautiful Synn Bailey from the clutches of their twisted father. One look at Synn and he knows she’s his, convincing her will be another story. Especially with his father constantly pursuing them trying to take her from him. Ren will do anything to keep Synn safe even if it’s letting her go.

Synn Bailey has been kidnapped by a sadistic man who murder her father to have her. She believes all hope is lost, until the son of her kidnapper comes to her rescue. She’s attracted to Ren Tanaka from the moment they meet.

As they race to freedom, attraction, passion, and danger pushing them closer. Will Synn look past the way they met and love Ren or will the sins of his father push her away.



At a young age, Bentley James had always dreamed of owning his own business. When the opportunity he never thought would come his way, he soon finds himself at the head of the game.

Summer Harris dreamt about the finer things in life. But what she failed to realize is that people are all about themselves. Tired of being everyone’s plan B, she takes matters into her own hands.

Being from entirely different sides of the track, Summer and Bentley meet and soon realize that they have everything in common. Finding that they do nothing but buttheads, the two try their best to avoid the other.

Love comes in all ways, so never in a million years did Summer think she would love her worst enemy. Bentley never knew what love was until he ran into Summer.

Will they make their relationship work with their many differences? Will secrets ruin what the two try so hard to build? Or will they find out that a real love can’t be broken?




In and out, that’s what I told myself. I’m only here to punish her after finding out what she’s been up to off the clock. Dressed up to ensure she wouldn’t know it was me, I became a part of her fantasy. I knew from the second Gayle looked up at me, with pleading in her eyes on her knees, begging me to give her what she needed, I knew I fucked up.

Gayle fantasied about it, but she never dreamed someone like me could do her this way. The way I make her body melt away, she willingly became my pet...feeding from my hands, letting me explore every inch of her body until there is no mystery left.

Gayle may call me Sir, but I think I'm the one that's slowly becoming the slave in this twisted game of pretend.



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