Disconnected, Crystal last heard her love's voice in the distance, and Yawha was yanked from the foyer of his father's home. The accuser is set to stand trial, yet everyone wonders where Yawha is. Truths are unmasked. Some who she thought would be in her corner, mainly her own sister, Sasha, gives her coldness. It seems as though it's royalty over loyalty.

Upset, Crystal is confused as to why there are so many people trying to protect her but there's not enough talk about Yawha, where he is or if he's even still alive. Among chasing the love of her life, Crystal is destined to stand trial against her supposed father-in-law, but not before all of the Kingsmen show their faces to show the pureblood human their support against rumors, harassment, and violet threats.



The day I met Cari was the day I first learned what love was. She became my best friend the moment I saw her. Never did I think my love for her would evolve into something new and stronger. Then the night came when I couldn’t deny it anymore. Cari allow me to slip between her legs and sample her essence. Just one taste, and I was more than hooked. Now my fantasies star me moving and out of Cari, and I’m dying to make them come true again.

One night. That’s all it took to change my friendship with Jason. We gave into temptation, and it was the best I ever had. The memory of him touching my body has me running scared. I’m running from my feelings and Jason, all while trying to get my life straight. There’re so many reasons why we should just stay friends, but my body tingles when I think of his embrace. Now I don’t know what to do. What if I make the wrong choice and lose my best friend?”
Why Can’t You See takes you on a journey of two people being friends and then turning to lovers.
Will their relationship survive the transformation, or will they both realize they made a mistake?”



“So, he gives me away like a harlot…as your property.”

“You are not my property, Kylenna.”

Hope? I lick my dried, salty tears from my lips.
“Then, it is as it was with my Mother when Musa sent her to your lands,” I begin. “I will be free to make a life of my own, free from…”

My words trail off at Hojo’s slow shake of his head.

“You will remain with me.”

“But why? You can give me your protection, and I can live as I choose,” I explain.

“You will remain with me,” he repeats.

I tilt my head. “Are you telling me I’m more than a bag of grain tossed in to close a deal?”

Hojo chuckles. “This can be whatever we envision it to be, Kylenna. It will bring changes, but it can also be pleasurable and sustaining, too.”
Why after years of wanting, wishing to be his, fate has chosen to step in, but not on my terms? I can't allow my heart to trick me into believing what I see in Hojo's eyes, what I feel while his body moves over mine is real. Yet, when he says, "I'll Die Without You" ...when I see him willing to take apart everything and everyone to love me, I wonder if I'm willing to sacrifice it all for love?



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