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Spooky Forest




“Okay,” I mumble as I sit the boxes aside. “What do you want, Cooper? Pussy?” I ask, shocking him.

I watch as he babbles a bit before gaining control.


“Well, um…if you willing to give me-“

“I didn’t say I’m giving you shit. I just wanna know what the hell you’re working up to?”


“All I am working on is beating you.”


I scoff loudly. “Well, you’ll be working overtime to get no pay because I’m taking home the win, again,” I stress. “What’s it gonna be?” I pause for effect, “Third year in the row?” I tease, rubbing salt in the wound.


“You haven’t crossed the finish line yet,” he smirks.


“I would be getting closer if you would stay out of my face so I can work,” I finish with a nice-nasty smile.


“So, that offer of pussy, nevermind,” he says as he takes note of my hard gaze.


Bitter rivals since high school, Cooper and Felisa have been going head to head in business, and the annual Christmas Festival for years. It never fails for things to get out of hand whenever the two are in close quarters. Things only get worse when to save their sinking companies, a business merger is proposed. Being in each other’s face on a daily only serves to increase the opportunities for comical moments, fights that get the town talking and taking bets, and strokes the flames of a sizzling romance that’s been years in the making.

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Kyle Roberts just wants to drink, a good rump in the sheets and an occasional blunt. She's self destructive and doesn't care, wallowing in her misery with a grin.


Jackson Carter just wanted to show her that there was more to life than drinking it away. The two embark on a tumultuous and rocking affair that leaves Kyle questioning....was it worth spiraling into love?



After finding out she was pregnant, Gabriella fled the state of Georgia. Knowing her boyfriend’s family wouldn’t accept their child was enough to make her bolt away from Atlanta without looking back.
Five years later, after getting settled into Jacksonville, Florida, Gabriella’s daughter started asking questions about her father, and the guilt was eating at Gabriella about the mistake she was now living with of leaving the love of her life.

Ashton never got over the love of his life. No matter how many women he bedded, he could never erase Gabriella from his head. After five long years, she’s back —with a child. His child.

Will Ashton be able to forgive Gabriella for deceiving him of being a father? Would Gabriella realize that the mistake she made not only caused her child to suffer but the man she loves as well? In the end, will Gabriella be given a second chance and live happily ever after with Ashton?



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